Monday, November 21, 2016

Shamefully Nappy

           In the personal narrative "Shame" by Dick Gregory, Gregory explains a childhood experience that manipulated his views of himself and the world around him. Gregory writes to analyze the idea of shame and its affect on the people. He strategically uses repetition and pathos to portray this purpose. Throughout the text Gregory uses the term "daddy" as more than just a father figure but a privilege or an advantage everyone had over Gregory "And she had a Daddy, and he had a good job (Gregory, 2)". The word is glorified and in this time period if you had a daddy you privileged and fortunate. Being fatherless made feel indignity of who he and his family had. This relates to the purpose of the text as Gregory craves a "daddy" and through the use of repetition we feel his longing  to feel socially comfortable . Through Gregory's mortification the reader feels how deeply greed can affect one. 
        Gregory also uses a pathos to emphasize his purpose. In the text Gregory describes his first love and how she was everything he wanted. "Everybody's got a Helene Tucker, a symbol of everything you want (Gregory, 2)." Through Helene tucker Gregory is able to express his feelings and the innocent intentions he had with her. She was the reason for Gregory's desire to not be shameful and to be well off in society. Helene was Gregory's first love and later when he is embarrassed in front of her brings a pity and realization to both Helene and the readers. The use of love helps to describe the purpose as it helps shows that shame is something an innocent young boy felt as he tried to impress the only one he cared for. As the readers root for love it all comes crashing down as the brewing idea of shame comes through and really shows itself as an entity of society towered by ranks and class.
         In the text Gregory writes "..wish my hair wasn't so nappy (Gregory,2)". It reminded me of my own hair and how it has grown over time. Most people don't speak out about my hair as it is amazing. But often enough I read comments and hear stories of people being shamed for keeping their hair naturally the way it was meant to be and it just sounds so idiotic to me. Your hair is your hair and no one should have anything to say about YOUR hair as it is none of their nosy business. Also people should embrace with whatever they were born with and do whatever the hell they want with their hair. Whether its permed, natural, or filled with extensions it is your hair and you shouldn't let someone who barely has hair bring you down. I can honestly say I love my hair and am not shameful of its nappyness

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  1. Hi Carina, I really liked the way you connected Gregory's essay to your own personal life and hair. I agree that people are self-conscious about their physical features and many can relate. I remember when I was in middle school, I loathed the way my hair looked because it was straight and bland. However, just like you, I learned to love my hair and everything else about my body.