Saturday, March 11, 2017

The concert

My older brother is holding us close together for the fear of losing us. The empty candy boxes break our fall as we topple over one another in hopes of getting a better view. The hum of the cool concert hall can't stop our sweaty bodies from sticking to each other. The smell of hot cheese and popcorn from the concession stand makes my stomach grumble but I know I'm minutes away from seeing him and that's all that matters. The drumset sits still, untouched as it awaits the riot ahead. Feet run across the stage anxiously checking and rechecking to calm their nerves. Chanting and screams still roar the concert hall but I know is only the beginning for what is to come. The man next to me reeks of a few too many beers ans the girl across from me is too excited to notice the man hauling at her exposed chest. But here in this pit we are all the same.