Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ap English Language and Composition

        From snails to Harambe the Ap Enligsh Language and Composition exam was an interesting experience. The night before I had prepared myself for such a test by doing what I do best, sleeping. And after a full nights rest I was ready at 6 am to tackle it. When arriving at the school I assumed it would be like the Ap euro exam and leave us in the audiotrium until testing time. But as I opened the cafeteria doors I was overwhelmed. From rhetorical devices to princeton review books I was shooked at the amount of studying being done last minute. Which made me just as flustered as my peers. But I reminded myself that this was only a test that would not count towards my grade. And that in a few hours id be back in bed.
      First was the multiple choice. And honestly it was what I was most worried about as in most of the pratice I do not finish. I was kind of glad that the 19th century passage was first because i would be able to get it over with a freshmind and not tired. However during this part of the exam my allergies kicked in with full affect. And with Mr,K's words in the back of my mind I hesitated going in my bag for tissues. So I ended up calling over one of the proctors and asking permission first before diving into my bag for the first tissue I grabbed. For the essays I had first looked over the wrting prompt for the third essay to get my ideas going throughout questions 1 and 2. But the synthesis essay was the least of my worries and the essay topic was one I related to the most as i still visit the library. The rhetoical essay was a bit confusing bacause it asked how did Luce prepare her audience rather than what we usually see in class. But I just disregarded that question and wrote an usual rhetorical device essay as we would do in class. And lastly the infamous question 3. Upon first glance I was at a lost to exactly what I was arguing. But after finishing the other two essays i sort of understood what i had to do. And honestly two people popped into my mind. Trump and Hitler. Mr.Felders words of originality played in my mind as I quickly crossed out both examples. So I wrote about the "Cash me outside girl" and her way to fame by tricking and entising her auidence. I also discussed Harmbe and how many made him out to be an angry harmful gorilla to try to justify his murder. But in the end with 5 minutes left and no other examples i discussed Trump. I think this essay topic was picked specifically for this time period and gave students their one chance to lash out against our president and show his fallacies. But after the exam my dad brought me ice cream and I took a long nap.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The concert

My older brother is holding us close together for the fear of losing us. The empty candy boxes break our fall as we topple over one another in hopes of getting a better view. The hum of the cool concert hall can't stop our sweaty bodies from sticking to each other. The smell of hot cheese and popcorn from the concession stand makes my stomach grumble but I know I'm minutes away from seeing him and that's all that matters. The drumset sits still, untouched as it awaits the riot ahead. Feet run across the stage anxiously checking and rechecking to calm their nerves. Chanting and screams still roar the concert hall but I know is only the beginning for what is to come. The man next to me reeks of a few too many beers ans the girl across from me is too excited to notice the man hauling at her exposed chest. But here in this pit we are all the same.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Discrimination? Still?

            When a teen must fear for his life just walking to the store, something is wrong in society. We applaud ourselves as being an innovated and superior society when we cannot fix problems we have been facing for centuries. What a slave faced many years ago, is still in play today as people still discriminate others whether it be based on sexuality, race, and even age. We may think we have solved the problems long ago when discrimination still plays a role in society and it is not right. Discrimination is still alive and well in our society.
            When innocent people must fear for their lives just because of their skin color no one can make the argument that discrimination is not in our society. Because over time it has become more apparent and I will not pretend it does not exist. White supremacy has been dominating our society from when people first sailed the ocean blue. But now in the smart age filled with personal and technological advancements, this superiority over others should have been fixed, correct? Well no. Just last week a police car pulled over a college student for speeding. This student happened to be white giving him time to explain his situation and in the end having the police officer help him tie his tie. Now this may seem like a generous action but when just this summer a black father was shot in his parked car when asked to reach for his license and registration, it shows the true underlying fear and discrimination still being input in society. The white student had probably been asked for his license and registration just the same as the black father. However, his life was not taken just because he was white. These are problems we thought we overcame but because of misunderstanding and trepidation we are just back where we started.   
            Discrimination not only takes form in race but can be seen in many forms including gender. When the 19th amendment was passed, women had believed their struggle and fight to be equal to men had been completed. Well once again society has proved that being the gender you are is also not good enough to be equal to the white male. One example of this is the “pink tax”. When buying products there always seems to be something for women. These products are ultimately the same as the regular one however with a little color scheme change the prices seem to increase rapidly. I’m sure that pink dye doesn’t not cost a whole two dollars more but since it is for a female the princes are ranked up. It seems as females are an inconvenience to society and we must make up for it by paying more for a floral scented toothpaste. Discrimination should still not be affecting the way we are treated.
            Discrimination happens every day and to almost everyone at some point in time. I remember one time me and a group of friends had planned to sneak some snacks into a movie theater. We headed to the nearest convenient store which happened to be empty and were all swarming through aisles conversing and just looking for the tastiest of the choices. There was only one worker and around eight of us teens so I understood his worries. However, when he made us all leave the shop making accusations of us stealing and how we weren’t going to pay I as confused. We weren’t bad people and of course were going to pay however his thoughts and fears for the worst made him jump to conclusions causing us to not give him our business. I think that discrimination is fueled by anticipation of the unknown and worries based on doubts. However, no matter how unsure someone is that does not give them the right to discriminate against someone.
            Fear and misunderstandings are key when discussing discrimination. We expect the worst out of situations as revert to stereotypical thoughts giving others an unfair advantage. When we should be trying to empathies and treat everyone equal. Equality is what was strived for and thought we achieved centuries ago. But for our society to have no changed anything is pathetic. We have the ability and the drive to create change and truly create equality for everyone together.