Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ap English Language and Composition

        From snails to Harambe the Ap Enligsh Language and Composition exam was an interesting experience. The night before I had prepared myself for such a test by doing what I do best, sleeping. And after a full nights rest I was ready at 6 am to tackle it. When arriving at the school I assumed it would be like the Ap euro exam and leave us in the audiotrium until testing time. But as I opened the cafeteria doors I was overwhelmed. From rhetorical devices to princeton review books I was shooked at the amount of studying being done last minute. Which made me just as flustered as my peers. But I reminded myself that this was only a test that would not count towards my grade. And that in a few hours id be back in bed.
      First was the multiple choice. And honestly it was what I was most worried about as in most of the pratice I do not finish. I was kind of glad that the 19th century passage was first because i would be able to get it over with a freshmind and not tired. However during this part of the exam my allergies kicked in with full affect. And with Mr,K's words in the back of my mind I hesitated going in my bag for tissues. So I ended up calling over one of the proctors and asking permission first before diving into my bag for the first tissue I grabbed. For the essays I had first looked over the wrting prompt for the third essay to get my ideas going throughout questions 1 and 2. But the synthesis essay was the least of my worries and the essay topic was one I related to the most as i still visit the library. The rhetoical essay was a bit confusing bacause it asked how did Luce prepare her audience rather than what we usually see in class. But I just disregarded that question and wrote an usual rhetorical device essay as we would do in class. And lastly the infamous question 3. Upon first glance I was at a lost to exactly what I was arguing. But after finishing the other two essays i sort of understood what i had to do. And honestly two people popped into my mind. Trump and Hitler. Mr.Felders words of originality played in my mind as I quickly crossed out both examples. So I wrote about the "Cash me outside girl" and her way to fame by tricking and entising her auidence. I also discussed Harmbe and how many made him out to be an angry harmful gorilla to try to justify his murder. But in the end with 5 minutes left and no other examples i discussed Trump. I think this essay topic was picked specifically for this time period and gave students their one chance to lash out against our president and show his fallacies. But after the exam my dad brought me ice cream and I took a long nap.


  1. Hey Carina!

    I'm really glad that you remembered that that was only a test despite all the last minute studying going on around you. I know that personally seeing all those people studying made me anxious because I didn't know what to study. I think that the examples you used in your argumentative essay will most likely make your essay stand out. I also agree with your statement that this essay topic was chosen because of the current situation in our world and I think that it probably was intentionally put this year as a means of letting us express our opinions about the current administration. I do think that the topic was also somewhat of a test to see how creative we could get with our examples. Did you manage to finish the multiple choice and how did the two previous essays help with the final one?

  2. Carina, I completely agree with your thoughts on the essays. I breezed through the synthesis essay and the argument essay but struggled with the rhetorical analysis because I was a bit confused about what the question was actually asking. I think the examples you used for your argument essay are hilarious and really unique. They will definitely make your essay stand out. As for the multiple choice, I didn't do the 19th century passage first like you did. I skipped straight to the second passage, which I feel was a more effective strategy for me. Were you at all anxious for the exam beforehand or do you feel like you were sufficiently prepared?