Monday, September 26, 2016

Year Round Schooling

             Year round schools seem as a good idea; students will be out of the house, teachers will get paid more, and teachers will be less focused on time and would start prioritizing student comprehension. Finally. However this is just unrealistic and unacceptable. Being a junior in high school i can say i've come to know the public school system and how it works. It drags us from our warmth and comfort ,stuffs us into 45 minute classes with classmates we don't have a care talking to and with teachers stressing more about how we don't have time rather than discussing the actual lesson. Now this only goes on for about 10 months before we are back to our regular schedule of enjoying our adolescence. 
              Making the schools year round is a terrible idea as a counter part of school is stress. These years in an adolescence life is all about making life decisions and finding out who we are. With this comes fear and anxiety that students just can't cope with. One of my friends experiences severe anxiety around exams and often goes off the grid for a while before actually confronting her problem. Having that summer break for just 2 months really helps to just relax and take a breather. It also serves as motivation as most students think 'Just 2 more weeks and we'll be done'. In a survey  conducted by NBC news studies found that high school students are under more stress than adults. Students need this break to truly relax and find themselves. 

     I used a semi colon because I wanted to expand upon the first sentence and instead of creating two different sentences I connected the two. I also used Zinsser's tip on moss changes because it helped switch over to may purpose of this letter. Lastly I used contractions because it kept my writing casual and informal. 


  1. I like how you cited NBC studies of how students are under more stress than adults. This use of logos shows that your writing is reliable. Also, you did a fantastic job of using pathos when you mentioned your friend's anxiety issues. It actually touched my deep soul and I hope the DOE would do something about this :)

  2. I really enjoyed your comment on year round schooling and understand how this could really affect you and other students.The way you used pathos by explaining your friend's trouble really showed how schools affect students' lives and that breaks are needed. Also, I liked the use of logos when you cited NBC studies, because it illustrates how this issue is ongoing and that it's serious. Hopefully NYC won't have year-round schooling :)